I stubbed my toe getting out of bed this morning when I couldn't find my glasses :) wish I had a man to help me keep organized!!

Posted yesterday at 7:56 AM

On the computer as usual. Can't start my day without checking who's been following me on! Xoxo boys

Posted yesterday at 8:43 AM

What's for breakfast? Should eat an egg white omelette, but I'm feeling naughty. I'll bake some warm gooey cinnamon rolls with lots of frosting!

Posted yesterday at 9:35 AM

@MattGeret89Only if you lick it all off afterwards :)

Posted yesterday at 9:42 AM

Going to hit the gym. Gonna get all hot and sweaty!

Posted yesterday at 12:15 PM

@HotBlakeYeah we can hit the shower's together afterwards. I can think of some places that you could wash better than me. What do ya think?

Posted yesterday at 12:20 PM

Working from home can be so boring. I'm all alone and want a sexy computer geek to get fucking nasty with!!!

Posted yesterday at 7:22 PM

@Buff9geekI'm in internet marketing

Posted yesterday at 7:31 PM

@Buff9geekToo bad you work so late. I'm horny now!!

Posted yesterday at 7:38 PM

Goodnight boys. I'll be fucking you in my dreams! <333

Posted yesterday at 10:55 PM

My day is going great so far! I've already gotten all my work done. Who want's 2 skip out of work early 2 get dirty?

Posted 2 days ago at 2:12 PM

I'm sure your boss wouldn't even mind if he knew what I'm going to do with you ;)

Posted 2 days ago at 2:14 PM

@GeorgeFLet's just say that you'd definitely brag to all of your boys about it, even though I'd beg you not to!!

Posted 2 days ago at 2:29 PM

I'm heading out downtown. All my single girlfriends will be out for Christy's birthday. Who wants to be surrounded by 15 hot and horny ladies???

Posted 2 days ago at 9:31 PM

Tonight was a blast! Things got pretty out of control... I guess that's what happens when hot people from tweeterofsex meet up!!

Posted 2 days ago at 1:48 AM






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